Sunday, June 28, 2009


Long red blaus (cottan)
RM 38 (SOLD)


Loose stripe T-shirt
RM 18

Big T (Black, shocking pink, white,pink (SOLD),
red n dark green)


Office n casual blaus
Rm 20

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More hotttt........

Redz Blaus


Hottt.. Pants with zip
Blue- size s
Black- size m(SOLD)

Rm 18

Floralicious Blaus


Straight Cut Jeans + low cut waist
Black size 27

Rm 45

Baby Jaket
Size s(SOLD)

Rm 16

Short pants
purple size (29, 30)
White size (30)


Sling bag

RM 18

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Little Blue 4 You

Blue + White Polka (SOLD)

White + Black Polka(SOLD)

RM 28

Polka-dotty-dot anyone? 100% cotton.

Size : Fits S/M(SOLD)



RM 35

This loose top cum short dress has made it's comeback due to popular demand.
Now, for even lower price!

Size : Fits S/M

RM 30 *SOLD*

This jacket top it's just plain yummy. Simply very hard to resist!

Size : S

Bluey *SOLD*

Blacky *SOLD*

RM 28

This halter neck cotton top is both chic n comfy at the same time.

Size : Fits S/M

RM 20 *SOLD*

Cream colored puffy long sleeve top goes well with everything. A must have!

Size : S

RM 25 *SOLD*

Calling all sexy mamas out there. This top is made for you.

Size : S

RM 18 *SOLD*

A simple vest like this will jazz up any plain tees in your 'almari'.

Size : Free

RM 39 each

This is bling-a-ling diamante with lil' bow is our favorite this week.
Very comfy, and cute! Available in Beige & Black.

Color : Beige
Size : 36 - 1(SOLD)
37 - 1(SOLD)
38 - 1(SOLD)
39 - 1 *SOLD*

Color : Black(SOLD)
Size : 36 - 1(SOLD)
37 - 1(SOLD)
38 - 1(SOLD)

RM 25 *SOLD*

Our lil' itsy bitsy hot pants. Dare anyone?

Size : 27" (waist)

RM 35 each

Assorted short mini skirts.

Size : M/L(SOLD)

RM 15 each

Mini coin purses. Available in Blue, Red *SOLD*& Black.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

THE ALMARI - The Market @ Plaza Mont Kiara

Our racks


Hello there gorgeous!

We are proud and happy to inform you that aside from blogging our collections online, we've set up our own fashion station for the loyal customers and supporters to come and check out the goodies we have in our 'almari' at The Market @ Plaza Mont Kiara on every Sunday from 10.00a.m till 7.00p.m as of today (7/6/2009) onwards.

We really hope to see you guys soon!!!

~the almari~

'Hey June' by The Almaries



Light Grey *SOLD*

RM 35

Dress it like a rock star with this t-shirt attached with checked scarf.

Size : Free

Leggy Legings.

Size : Free

Black : RM 20 *SOLD*
White : RM 20(SOLD)
Purple : RM 25 *SOLD*
Green : RM 25 *SOLD*



No buttons. Strechable waistbands.
Very very comfortable ;D

No back pockets. (It's time to flaunt that bum bum bum, girls!)


The most sought after skinny jeans. It's unique and most of all
it's REALLY CONFORTABLE! We've been repeating orders
for this particular item to cater to customers demands.
Thanks for the support guys!

Size :

S - Fits big UK 6-UK 8 (For waist 26-28) *SOLD*

M - Fits big UK 10-UK 12 (For waist 29-31) *SOLD*

L - Fits big UK 14-UK 16 (For waist 32-34)

- Front -

- Back -


Kimono inspired top. Goes well with just a pair of jeans and a tube top.

Size : Free

Glittery Brown(SOLD)

Glittery Pink(SOLD)

Glittery Silver *SOLD*

Glittery Black (SOLD)

Glittery Green(SOLD)

RM 35

Glitters and shine everyone? A top versatile for every function/occasion.

Size : Free

Black + White (SOLD)

Black + Purple (SOLD)

RM 28

Simple yet stricking tube top for those who dare to show some
wild attitude. Aummmm!

Size : Free *SOLD*


White *SOLD*

RM 50

Loose plain and transparent blouse.
TIPS: Wear this with your favorite jeans, legging + belt.

Size : Free


Unleash the tigress in you!

Size: Free

- Front -(SOLD)

Sweet Pink

- Back -

Snow White *SOLD*

'Grey Sky Morning'? (Hehhe...)

Jet Black *SOLD*

RM 32

This sweet face hooded t-shirt is our latest rave.
Pure sweeteness!