Monday, November 15, 2010

Remove ur unwanted Hair

effectively removes unwanted hair
the clean and easy way that leaves your skin
hair free and silky smooth
for up to 5-6 days at a time!

At the same time helps exfoliate dead skin cells, 
leaving skin softer and smoother
after each use.


* Painless
*No irritations
RM 30


  1. Nice. I'll this one. But wait a minute. I heard that there's this Laser Hair Removal. The biggest advantage of laser hair removal is the freedom of getting hair removed from different body parts. And it also had Additionally a separate cooling device is also utilised to further enhance everybody's comfort.
    Is this really true? Why not give it a try, right? Wish me luck.

  2. hi billie, thank coz visit my blog.. ok dear r u selling the LASER HAIR REMOVAL? My Epilette on can use for leg and aslo for hand. its depends on u how way u use this product, but it's more working on ur leg part..